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FitTrack Dara 2.0

FitTrack Dara 2.0

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80% of people fail to maintain their health goals!

Motivation is ESSENTIAL. Even with the best intentions health goals are often met with failure. 

FitTrack scales are a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Track and analyze your body's composition with ease, gram for gram and pound for pound. The cutting edge BIA technology will allow you to effortlessly track and melt away body fat or supercharge muscle mass growthLearn to become more in-tune with your body’s composition and stay motivated to achieve your health goals. 

FitTrack - 17 Key Body Indicators to boost motivation : 

From the moment you step on the scales and within just a few seconds, FitTrack accurately delivers all the information needed to follow and understand your body composition. From BMI, the rate of protein or your physical age, FitTrack is the perfect health tracking tool. 


FitTrack Pro App - Simply scan a QR code or visit the app store to install FitTrack Pro for free. Track and share weight and health results with friends and family with 1 single click in the app.

As powerful as a computer, as thin as a book 

With its elegant design and ultra slim, store it anywhere at home or a make it a perfect show piece. 

A scale for the whole family - Advanced auto-recognition for up to 8 users. FitTrack Scales stores the data and automatically recognizes each person on the scale. 

 17 body composition markers

✓ Ideal for dieting, athletes and tracking health 

 Free FitTrack Pro app

 Instant installation

✓ iOS and Android compatible 

  Bluetooth connectivity

Stay fit and healthy with FitTrack today!  







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